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Welcome to the information site for the TASHCO Young Artists Festival. Now in its 21st year, this festival for Adams County students and teachers is sponsored by the Thornton Arts Sciences and Humanities Council, (TASHCO), and is managed by the Young Artists Alliance. The Young Artists Festival is a classical arts festival designed to provide the students of our community the opportunity to perform, receive critique and to be honored through scholarships for their achievements in the arts.

The 2017 festival will be held April 1-8 and will include competitions in piano, ballet, contemporary dance, vocal, drama and strings. For your convenience, this website provides all the information you will need to prepare and register. Requirements vary, so please carefully study the criteria for your discipline (time limits, age restrictions, repertoire, etc).

Please note:

  • Auditions are required for piano and string students.
  • All new dancers are required to attend a mandatory audition and master class.
  • A third division has been added to the Drama Competition.
  • The registration fee for all events is $30.

Refer to the schedule below for all important dates. At the end of the requirements for each discipline, you will receive instructions on how to register online.


To participate in the Festival’s competitions, students must meet at least one of the conditions below:

  • Be a resident of Adams County with his/her primary address located within county boundaries
  • Be studying performing arts with a private teacher who is a resident of Adams County
  • Be attending a public, private or performing arts school located within Adams County
  • Be attending any Adams County district school within/out of county boundaries
  • Live within any Adams County school district boundary

In addition students must:

        • Submit an entry form online and an entrance fee of $30.00 no later than midnight March 4, 2017. Payment can be made by credit card online or by check or money order. Checks/money orders are to be mailed to the following address:
          Young Artists Alliance
          P.O. Box 807
          Eastlake, CO 80612
        • Late entries will be accepted until March 8, 2017 with a $40 entry fee.
  • Students must perform selections which comply with classical guidelines. Should a student’s performance exceed set time limits, he/she will be asked to stop. Students may not enter selections they performed for previous TASHCO Festivals.
  • Proper concert etiquette is required. Should violations occur, students will be disqualified.
  • Students may compete in three disciplines if one of the divisions is the Drama Competition.
  • Students, parents and teachers are expected to conduct themselves in a  professional manner at all times.  Do not communicate with judges during the competition.  Any necessary communication to judges must be done by administrators.
  • The decision of the judges is final. At the judges’ discretion, some awards may not be given. The scores and comments are confidential and provided to students and teachers to further individual progress and development. Contestants are understood to recognize that the judging is subjective and wholly depends on performances on the day of competition.

Final Concert & Awards Ceremony

All Festival participants are invited to attend the Final Concert on Saturday, April 8th at 6:30 p.m. at Rosa Auditorium at Skyview, 8990 York Street. Festival judges select award winners from the piano, ballet, vocal, drama and string competitions to perform. The public is invited to attend this concert at no charge.  Donations are accepted.


For information or clarification please contact Rosalie Keith, Executive Director for the Young Artists Alliance at or 303-457-2289. For emergency assistance, please call Buz Hedglin, Arts and Culture Manager for the City of Thornton, at 720-977-5880.

Schedule of Events – 2017


Date Event Time
February 25 Senior Scholarship Deadline 6 pm
March 4 Entry Deadline 12 midnight
March 8 Late Registration Deadline 12 midnight
March 11 Dance Auditions, Kim Robards Dance Studios 3 pm-5 pm
March 17-18 Piano & String Auditions
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
*By Appointment
March 31

April 1

Stage Rehearsals

Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center

*By Appointment

2-5 pm

April 3

April 4

Stage Rehearsals

Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center

4-9 pm

6-9 pm

April 5-6 Piano Competitions
Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center
6 pm
April 7 Vocal Competitions

Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center

6 pm
April 8 String Competitions
Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center
9 am
April 8 Dance Competitions
Rosa Auditorium at Skyview
9:30 am
April 8 Drama Competitions
Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center
1:30 pm
April 8 Final Concert and Awards Ceremony
Rosa Auditorium at Skyview
6:30 pm

*Email to set up an appointment


Registration will be done exclusively online. To register, please follow the appropriate link below for the competition you plan to enter and carefully read the criteria for the competition. At the bottom of each of these pages there is a link to the registration page.

Changes in criteria for each discipline are still to be determined.


The TASHCO Young Artists Festival is funded in part by the Scientific and Cultural
Facilities District and awarded through the Adams County Cultural Council. Student
scholarships and generous in-kind services are funded by the City of Thornton’s
Community Services Department.

Festival Sponsors

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