Piano Results

If your name is listed below, you were selected to receive an award at the Young Artists Festival Final Concert & Awards Ceremony.  The ceremony will be held at the Rosa Auditorium at Skyview High School (8990 York St) on Saturday April 14th at 6:30 pm.  Please come a few minutes early to fill out a W-9 form to receive your prize money check (you will need to provide your social security number).  W-9 forms will be available in the theater lobby.  If you are selected to perform at the concert you will be notified.  Names are listed alphabetically.

Award Winners from Wednesday Night’s Performances


Blasi, Isaac

Brucker, Luke

Castleton, Logan

Cornejo, Simon


Ellis, Camille

Lei, Jacob

Merrill, Avery


Award Winners from Thursday Night’s Performances

Beginner A:

Jayden Collier

Jeffrey Dai

Kaylie Park

Beginner B:

Ava Lee

Felix Nyamdorj

Brooke Turner


Chase Merrill

Zoe Morken

Corinne Olsten

Tate Thygesen