Piano Competition

*Criteria for the 2017-2018 piano competition is still being considered.  Please check back soon for updates!  Below is last year’s information for your reference:

The piano competition will be held Wednesday and Thursday evenings, April 5th and April 6th at the Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center. The Beginner Division is designed for students 11 years of age and under. The Junior Division will include 12-13 year olds; the Intermediate Division 14-15 year olds; and the Senior Division will feature 16-17 year olds and will include high school seniors. The four piano divisions will be determined by the student’s age as of March 15, 2017. Students planning to participate are expected to perform at an early intermediate repertoire (i.e., Clementi’s Sonatina Op. 36, No. 1 or selections from the Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook). This standard is also required for students entering the Beginner Division.

If you are new to the festival, please refer to the Young Artists Festival program overview -click here.


All pianists will be asked to perform two memorized selections from contrasting musical styles/time periods including baroque, classical, romantic, impressionistic or contemporary. Selections must be from recognized classical composers. An approved composer classification list can be found here. Additional composers, including Scott Joplin, have been added. Only music originally written for solo piano will be allowed. Students are encouraged to use the urtext editions for competition entries. No arrangements or simplifications will be considered. For further clarification please email youngartistsalliance@comcast.net. Students are required to prepare performances within the following time limits: Beginners: 8 minutes; Juniors: 10 minutes; Intermediates: 12 minutes; and Seniors: 15 minutes. Students are asked to cut repeats unless essential to their musical performance. Multiple movements of a selection are permitted within the time limit considerations. All exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by project administrators.


Auditions are scheduled for March 17th and 18th at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 3501 Summit Grove Parkway. Specific audition times will be scheduled after the March 4 entry deadline.  As you complete the piano registration form, please indicate by a check mark your preferred audition time of Friday evening March 17th, Saturday morning March 18th, or Saturday afternoon March 18th. Students will be judged on musicianship, technique, and interpretation. Students must demonstrate their ability to perform at a competition level which will include memorization competency. The judge(s) will give brief oral critique and a written judging form will be provided to students to assist them during the final preparation stage. Only teachers and close family members may observe the audition process. When the preliminary judging is completed, accepted finalists, as well as the performance schedule, will be posted online at www.youngartistsalliance.com.


Students accepted for festival participation will perform for a panel of judges in final competitions to be held April 5th and 6th. Performance order for pianists will be determined alphabetically. Students may enter up to three performing arts disciplines this year if one is the Drama Competition. Students may not enter selections they performed for previous TASHCO Festivals. Festival administrators reserve the right to combine or add divisions as necessary to assure an equitable competition. Additional divisions will be determined by age. Should a student be awarded first place in a level A competition, they must participate in level B the following year. Piano competitions are open to family, friends and the general public at no charge. Judges will select award winners and choose who will perform April 8th at Rosa Auditorium at Skyview, 8990 York Street.

2017 Judges


Senior Intermediate Junior Beginner
1st Place $400 $200 $100 $50
2nd Place $200 $100 $50 $25
3rd Place $100 $75 $25 $15


Registration will be done exclusively online this year. The registration fee is $30 and the registration deadline is March 4, 2017 by 12 midnight. Late registration will be available for $40 with a late registration deadline of March 8, 2017 by 12 midnight. Before you register, we ask that you take some time to go through the following checklist to make sure that you have all the information you need to complete your registration.

Verify your competition(s) performance selections. Do they meet the criteria? Check the title and composer for spelling accuracy.
Have you timed your performances? This is a MUST.
Draft your program bio before you register. You are asked to write a few sentences about your background. Tell about other performing arts areas of study, other interests and hobbies. What are your long-term goals as they relate to the arts?
Verify your teacher’s approval for participation. Know his/her phone number and e-mail for verification purposes.
Be ready to choose from the following audition timeframes: Friday Evening, March 17th; Saturday Morning, March 18th; or Saturday Afternoon, March 18th.
Decide on your payment method. Have your credit card ready or mail your check to the following address: Young Artists Alliance, P.O. Box 807, Eastlake, CO 80614

IMPORTANT: As you register the 1st Name should be the Credit Card Holder. The 2nd Name should be the student’s name as it should appear in the program.


If you can complete the checklist above you are ready to register. Please proceed to the registration site at the following URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2017-young-artists-festival-registration-28675197287?ref=estw