Dance Instructions


The TASHCO Young Artists Festival dance competition will be held on Friday, April 13th at Rosa Auditorium in the Skyview High School Complex (8900 York St. Thornton).   Please report at 3:45 pm and check in with volunteer in the hallway.

The class will be held 4:15 pm to 5:45 pm.

Contemporary variations will go first and start about 5:50 pm (other dancers can begin dinner break).  

The judges will go on their dinner break around 6 pm.

Ballet variations will begin at 6:20 pm.

Parents, family, and friends are welcome to enter the auditorium to watch the variations at 5:50 pm (for contemporary) or 6:20 pm (for ballet).   We ask that you please sit towards the back of the auditorium and refrain from speaking to the judges.  We encourage audience members to applaud at the end of each performance. 

Divisions and competition numbers:

Junior Division

  1. Katja Ciboch
  2. Megan Long
  3. Anastasia Miller
  4. Kimora Northrup
  5. Savanna Price

Intermediate Division – No Pointe

  1. Nicole Chavers
  2. Gillian Estes
  3. Brooklyn Marshall

Intermediate Division – En Pointe

  1. Madison Hard
  2. Talley Nakata
  3. Brooke Smith
  4. Faith Williams

Senior Division – Ballet

  1.  Madelyn Caviness
  2.  Stefan Ebersole
  3. Kelsey Nigro
  4. Ryleigh Jo Turner
  5. Erin White
  6.  Krista Williams

Contemporary Division

  1. Kamille Galant
  2. Araya Morris
  3. Olivia Richardson
  4. Lana Salfiti