2019 Piano Performances and Instructions

Congratulations to all pianists who participated in a very competitive audition process. All students were prepared and the judge enjoyed your performances. In order to provide more performance opportunities, the Beginner Division is split into two levels. Below you will find the students who are accepted for the final competition.

The piano divisions for the 2019 Young Artists Festival Festival will be held Wednesday, April 10th and Thursday, April 11th at Carpenter Recreation Center located at 111th and Colorado Blvd. Both evenings will begin at 6:15 pm. As students enter the recreation center, turn left just past the registration desk. The competition rooms are on your right. Below you will find your division’s start time and competition number. Students will be introduced by their competition number. The competition is a public performance and concert attire is required. We suggest girls wear skirts below the kneecap. Boys, no ragged jeans or sweatshirts.


Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your division’s start time. As you arrive, please check-in with the volunteer located in the hallway outside the competition area. Give your original music – with the measures numbered – to the volunteer. There should be two warm-up rooms available. Most warm-ups should occur at home. Only a light rehearsal will be available at Carpenter. Please warm up in the order of your performance.

Final Concert

Please reserve Saturday, April 13th for the Final Concert and Award Ceremony. The judges will select top award-winners from all disciplines to perform at 6:30 pm at Rosa Auditorium at Skyview located at 8990 York St. in Thornton. (just north of 88th Ave.)

All students, teachers, their friends and families are invited to attend this performance. Although tickets are not required we do encourage donations. Checks made out to TASHCO.

Performers to be Featured Wednesday April 10th

Junior Division
Start Time 6.15 pm
201 Christopher Chen
202 Courtney Merrill
203 Emily Rogers
204 Felix Nyamdorj
205 Gwynneth Reeder
206 Jeremy Huang
207 Srisahanaa Chandramohan
End Time About 7:10 pm

Intermediate Division
Start time about 7:25 pm
301 Avery Merrill
302 Camille Ellis
303 Grace Rowberry
304 Hayden Burton
305 Laura Kohler
306 Logan Castleton
End Time About 8:35 pm

Performers to be Featured Thursday Night, April 11th

Beginner A Division
Start Time 6:15 pm
101 April Zhang
102 Ethan Jung
103 Jeffrey Dai
104 Micaiah Lee
105 Sarah Lee
106 Savannah DeKruif
End Time About 7 pm

Beginner B Division
Start Time 7:15 pm
151 Adam Brucker
152 Ava Lee
153 Brooke Turner
154 Carter Jensen
155 Geoffrey Boden
156 Jayden Collier
157 Kaylie Park
End Time about 8:05 pm

Senior Division
Start Time at 8:20 pm
401 Bailey Dubs
402 Chase Merrill
403 Ellie Shyu
404 Noah Morken
405 Tate Thygesen
End time about 9:10 pm

Carpenter Stage Rehearsals

Students and their teachers may rehearse:

Friday, April 5
By Appointment in the afternoon
Email youngartistsalliance@comcast.net to set up a time

Saturday, April 6
2-5 pm

Monday, April 8
4-9 pm

Tuesday, April 9
4-9 pm

This stage rehearsal is designed to give you an opportunity to walk on stage and to adjust dynamics to the competition room. We allow students to go through their selections one time. An in-depth practice session is not appropriate. Sign up with the volunteer when you enter the competition room. This practice session is on a first come, first served basis. Questions: Rosalie Keith youngartistsalliance@comcast.net 303-457-2289