2017-2018 Vocal Schedule and Information

Vocal Instructions and Performance Order

Thank you for participating in the TASHCO Young Artists Festival.  Carefully read the following instructions so that our competition will run smoothly.

The vocal divisions will be held October 14 at the Thornton Arts & Culture Center (TACC) located at 9209 Dorothy Blvd.  The easiest way to reach TACC is from the Thornton Parkway, then taking Dorothy Blvd south.  TACC is on the right.  Currently, the facility is under construction, so you will enter the west back door.

Please do not enter the facility if a performer is on stage.  A door monitor will be present.

Two warm-up rooms are located down stairs.  Warm up in performance order unless your teacher chooses to warm you up in groups.  Please arrive about 30 minutes before your Division starts.  Give your music with measures numbered to the volunteer in the lobby.

TACC has a low stage.  I would suggest girls wear skirts at least to the knee.  This is a professional event and concert attire is appropriate. Girls might want to wear flats during the warm up process.  The stairs are very steep.   As much as possible, please be in the performance room at the beginning of your division.  Students enter the stage by an announced performance number.  Do not say your name, high school or give any other information.

Award winners will be posted on the web site at least by Monday, October 16.  Some students will be asked to perform for the spring final concert in April.  Award winners will receive scholarships by mail.  Funds are to be used to advance your study of the arts.  Any senior that has participated in the festival for three years can also apply for the senior scholarship in the spring.  Please refer to the web site.

Questions:  Call Rosalie Keith, 303-457-2289  youngartistsalliance@comcast.net

Vocal Divisions 2018

October 14, 2017

Junior Division

Start Time:  10 am

801     Jayden Greicius, Black

802     Peyton Busch, Black

803     Cassiah Costigan, LaCava

804     Morgan Fritzler, Walecki/Moyer

805     Gracelyn Schmidt, Black

806     Allie Snodderly, Black

End Time:  10:45 am


Intermediate Division

Start Time 11:15 am

851     Chloe Brandow, Walecki/Moyer

852     Iris Sim, Walecki/Moyer

853     Ashtynn Rethinger, McCurdy

854     Madison Strasheim, Black

Short Break

855     Mya Busch, Black

856     Kelly McVeigh, McCurdy

857     Olivia Savidge, McCurdy

858     Anna MacPhee, Pfenning

End Time:  About 12:20 p.m


Senior A Division                                                              

Start Time:  1 pm

901     Abby Stuckrath, Walecki

902     Madelyn Caviness, Black

903     Alexandra Jacobsen, Walecki/Moyer

904     Grace Eisenach, LaCava

Short Break                                                                        

905     Junelle Gabrielle Flores, Black

906     Mykelti Dragoo, Black

907     Holly Vose, Walecki/Moyer

908     Abby Prinster, Black

909     Siena Daly, Pfenning

Ends about 2:15 pm


Senior B

Start Time:  2:40 pm

951     Brandon Cage, Walecki

952     Ariana Garcia, Black

953     Katie Hellbusch, Black

954     Kyle Lawrence, Walecki

End Time About:  3:10 pm