Congratulations to all of the 2021 Young Artists Festival winners!  View all of the results here: 


Congratulations to our String Division winners!
Intermediate A:
1st Place:  Zephan Lee
2nd Place:  Maxim Kuznetsov


Intermediate B:
1st Place:  Micaiah Lee
2nd Place:  Valerie Xin
3rd Place:  Lia Morley

Senior A:
1st Place:  Jiann Kim
2nd Place:  Jeremy Huang
3rd Place:  Christopher Chen

Senior B:
1st Place:  Jacob Lee
2nd Place:  Courtney Merrill

Congratulations to our 2021 Senior Scholarship winner:  Mya Busch!

All of our 2021 award winners can be seen at this link:  http://www.youngartistsalliance.com/home/2021-young-artists-festival-results/

Please review these pages for important COVID-19 precautions, information on the competition, performance dates and times: 



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In 2016, the Young Artists Festival celebrated its 20th year.

  Check out our 20th Year Anniversary video!

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